My Younique Journey

Updated: Feb 2

by Karen De la Vega

In October 2018 I attended Life Younique at our church (Snyder Memorial Baptist Church). Prior to attending, I was told by Craig that this class/training is a life-long process of discovering and living out your unique life call.  Younique is the first gospel-centered life planning experience that brings together vigorous assessment, personal coaching and transferable training to provide powerful break-thru. 

To my surprise it was not what I thought.

And I say this because in my professional background I have been through a myriad of leadership training, and I have taken the following assessments:  Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the Neo Pi-R, the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI), DiSC, and a few others … so in my mind it was going to be something along those lines.  Well, it wasn’t, the difference being that this is gospel-centered and it is a life-long process applicable to all regardless of age or stage of life.

It was such an enlightening faith-based process which has allowed me to work on targeted areas in my life and my future with deeper understanding; I now see my why (my purpose) which is making my what (my call) path clearer.  And even more exciting as we share this with our youth, it’s so cool to see their own Aha!  moments.  Thank God they can start now rather than … when they are 50.  

Editors Note: If you want more info about Life Younique, check out one of the FREE upcoming webinars or sign-up for the On-Demand Primer to get a taste before diving into the whole journey.

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