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Buried Treasure

In 1914, Howard Carter, funded by Lord Carnarvon, received a concession to excavate in the Valley of the Kings - an Egyptian burial site where pharaohs were laid to rest. A new doorway into the ancient world opened.

Carter began a mission to search for tombs that might have been missed by previous digs. The long and arduous process was interrupted by World War I, and by 1922, his enthusiasm had started to wane. Yet Carter was convinced there were more to find, and he managed to persuade Lord Carnarvon to fund one more season of excavation. On 4 November 1922, as if scripted in a movie, their young water boy accidentally stumbled on a stone that turned out to be the top of a flight of steps, cut into the bedrock. The team started to dig, finding their way to a doorway stamped with Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Inscribed on the outer doorway, Carter found the sign he had been searching for all these years; a cartouche. This was the nameplate of Pharaoh Tutankhamun.

Behind this door was a short corridor, leading to the door of the tomb itself. Using a tiny chisel that he had received as a gift from his grandmother on his 17th birthday, Howard slowly chipped away at the top left corner of the doorway, until he created an inch-wide hole. With only the flickering light of his candle, Carter peered through. “Can you see anything?” Carnarvon asked. “Yes, wonderful things!” Carter replied. Carter had, in fact, discovered King Tut’s tomb. “The Boy King” as he was known, lay undiscovered for over 3,000 years. We have Howard Carter to thank for this remarkable archaeological discovery.

The archaeological process can be painstakingly slow. Years of disappointment, and a World War, gave Carter a host of reasons to walk away. But he kept digging, kept searching, and kept chiseling away. The journey to discover what’s hidden is never easy. But treasure awaits us if we persevere.

What if we could discover, together, more of what's buried?

The greatest wasted resource in the world is human talent. It's a treasure that is buried all around us -- in our schools, and businesses, and churches and families. Imagine a world where millions more people are awakened to their unique, creative purpose, unleashed to use their hearts and talents in remarkable ways. How would that reality change your family, your company, and your community? Through the Life Younique Process, our goal is to inspire a global movement of identifying purpose and God's calling for as many individuals as possible.

We offer individual life coaching, a 6-week online Primer course, and Weekend Intensive retreats in small groups for anyone looking to gain clarity in their lives. These opportunities provide a guided program that allows users to develop a plan for their life. These programs are perfect for high school graduates, college graduates, and adults of all ages. The process is beneficial for families, coworkers, or church groups, as well. We are here to launch a life plan and help along the way through any type of transition. Going through change is difficult and can feel like you are stumbling around in the dark. The Life Younique process provides a guide to help you find the way!

If your business, nonprofit, or church is interested in bringing clarity of purpose to the people and teams you lead, reach out to us at Embark Leadership. With the different expressions of the LifePlan process, we are prepared to launch a movement of identity, purpose, and impact with your organization.

What would it look like if everything that was buried was not only discovered but then developed and deployed toward things that really matter? What could your business go after if all that talent was unleashed? What impact could your church or non-profit make if all your people were fully awakened to their purpose? There's buried treasure everywhere. Let’s go find it, together.

Craig Morrison Adapted from a blog post by David Mitchell, The Paterson Center

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