The Grace & Truth Matrix - Part 3

Updated: Feb 26

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In a Kairos Cohort we start by exploring 7 paradigms for finding our center. This is the way of seeing the world as Jesus seemed to see it: God is present and at work in the world, calling all creation back into unity with himself is the first one. With this paradigm in place, we move on to the next phase of finding our center: learning to dwell in the posture of Jesus. If paradigm is the big picture, posture is how we embody this paradigm in our everyday lives. If paradigm is a way of “seeing” the world, posture is a way of “being” in the world. We are called to not only see things the way Jesus does but to be in our world the way Jesus is.

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(Part 3) No grace no truth: Check-Out

The thing about Call Out culture and Hang Out culture is that they require tremendous amounts of energy to maintain, so we quickly become exhausted in these cultures. All the energy we put into calling others out or managing relationships is tiring! So we often resign to Check Out culture. We retreat from relationships and goals and simply seek survival.

Check Out culture is all about self-preservation. Instead of overpowering others or disempowering them, we simply try to preserve power for ourselves, to make sure we’re okay. This is where we hide, medicate, numb our pain, disconnect, or give up.

Many leaders, exhausted after a long week of maintaining their Call Out culture or Hang Out culture, retreat to Check Out culture on their day off. It looks like “rest,” but it’s not Jesus-rest, which is rest that reconnects us to those we love, and refreshes and replenishes us spiritually.

More seriously, sometimes we visit Check Out culture for longer stretches of time, and it is where people can give up on life and leadership altogether. They don’t calibrate truth or grace because they don’t care anymore. Many of our addictions are the result of habitually checking out. We train our bodies to require checking out just to feel OK.


  1. Where have you experienced Check Out culture?

  2. How do you know?

  3. Describe the contours of the culture through specific interactions you remember.

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