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Working Together on Project

Hey Leader,

How's it going?  Your business, team, church, or organization...  Sometimes we need to be reminded that we are not alone and we can learn from other high-capacity leaders who are seeking the Lord and dreaming God-sized dreams.  God has designed us for community and leaders don't grow by accident.  You Belong Here! 

Who's Cheering for you?

I will do some group coaching in our monthly zoom call, but we will operate like a mastermind group. Sharing challenges and learning from each other.


I've been in a group like this for a couple of years and it's the most beneficial thing I do for my own sanity.

We would meet once a month for 10 months & there is a small fee involved in it but it's well worth it.  

Click HERE to download some of the details...... Send me any questions you might have. Join the cohort anytime and start your journey to success!  

You know God has plans for your organization, but do you have a safe space to discover them? ---- I believe this cohort will add value to your team, family & life that will yield fruit for generations to come.





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