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Hey friends, I've been serving students and parents since 1999 as a youth pastor in the local church. Then I met Dave Rhodes in 2016 and went through my first Younique Accelerator.  I've been on a journey to implement my LifeCall and now I'm the Executive Director for a great nonprofit called Fayetteville Area Operation Inasmuch + I'm launching my Coaching Practice in 2021. 


I am passionate about RESTORING BROKENNESS and I want to help everyone discover their God-given calling every day. 


Dallas Willard once said, "your system is designed to give you exactly what you are getting." 


In my experience, no one drifts into a life of significance.  We have to choose to take the first step and walk thru the doorway of FEAR to receive the breakthrough clarity that God has in store. ​


If you want to start in the shallow end of the pool you can sign-up for the Starter Kit for FREE or the On-Demand Primer for $47. (BOGO for a friend!)

But it you want to dive into the deep end then sign-up for the March Intensive before Feb. 14th with discount code: VALENTINE. 


Let's EMBARK on your journey toward a life of clarity and signifance TODAY!  🎉





As you go through the Younique Journey your life beautifully unfolds in front of you as you begin to see the tapestry of God's bigger plan. It's like scales falling from your eyes as you begin to see how each experience in your life connects to who you are, how you see the world, and God's plan for your life. What you saw as messes in your life you now see as your message; you now see your brokenness as a tool to help mend others.



I always loved seeing the possibilities in things—seeing something in a different light and imagining how much better it could be. When I combined this with the gifts and passions God placed in my heart, I realized that my calling didn’t necessarily come within the context of a certain title, job, location or thing. I exist to maximize potential in places; influencing and championing change through creativity and passion.



Completing the Younique process didn't just change my life; it reoriented my past, present, and future in relationship to God. Younique gave me words to help describe my passion, my gifting and how I can best serve the Kingdom of God. I discovered my strengths, my weaknesses, and most importantly, how I can best honor and serve God: by REVEALING SHALOM.


Let's jump on a CALL this week and discuss your VISION for your future life.  What do you see?  How are you going to get there?  Every journey starts with a FIRST STEP!  Let's get started today. 

craig Morrison

Leadership & Life Coach

Tel: 910.302.6533

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