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Embark on your NEXT ADVENTURE! 

Is your ministry moving forward or stuck in a rut?  
A leadership coach can cheer you on and make sure the game plan is clear. You don't have to do this alone.

Are You Headed

in the right direction?

Every Journey Begins by figuring out where you are and where you want to go!

 "Your ministry is designed to give you exactly what you are getting."  How's that working for you? 

Dallas Willard




Hi, I'm Coach Craig

Let's clarify your next step so you can start moving toward your preferred future! 

I've been serving students and parents since 1999 as a youth pastor in the local church. Then I met Dave Rhodes in 2016 and went through my first Younique Accelerator.  I've been on a journey to implement my LifeCall ever since and now I coach others to experience break-thru clarity.  I'm also the Executive Director for a great nonprofit called Fayetteville Area Operation Inasmuch. 


🎉 I'm so excited to have launched my Coaching Practice in 2021.  I am passionate about RESTORING HOPE and I want to help you discover the God-dream inside of you so you don't waste one more day. 


In my experience, no one drifts into a life of significance.  We have to choose to take the first step and walk thru the doorway of FEAR to receive the breakthrough clarity that is waiting on the other side.


We'll start by helping you name what's most important in your life and ministry, so you can develop the action steps necessary to accomplish it. 

COVID has been a time of uncertainty, but it's also an opportunity to lean into God's faithfulness for your life and ministry.  Take one Step of Faith at a time and before you know it you'll see the vision of God's promises in your life. 


I am excited to meet you and help you gain control of your life by turning your dreams into a plan so you can start making progress today!


Let the ADVENTURE begin! 



"Craig Morrison has been a colleague and friend for well over a decade. His passion is to serve the church, encourage leaders, and inspire individuals. His creativity and energy are a welcome resource to coaching and leadership development."


Dr. Larry G. Dickens, 

Minister of Music, Hayes Barton Baptist Church  

Former Professor, Campbell University Divinity School




"I have tremendous respect for Craig Morrison as a ministry leader and leadership coach. His experience as a congregational minister and non-profit executive director, combined with his extensive training in the coaching field, make him an excellent resource for other pastors and ministry leaders.

I commend his coaching practice in general, and the Kairos cohorts, to any ministry leader seeking to re-energize and retool or their current ministry context or reimagine a new vocational path. 


Coaching is a great opportunity for growth and transformation - for the leader and the congregation or organization he or she serves. Craig is a great partner in the coaching process."


Larry Hovis

CBFNC Executive Coordinator

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