We are bombarded with BAD NEWS!!

A gospel-centered life requires

the skills and abilities to 

see and hear LIFE, not death.

It does not come naturally, but with Jesus' help, the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, and intentional work with a leadership coach you can develop the ability to live in Grace & Truth. 

Gazing Out to Sea


I believe we are created to live the ABUNDANT LIFE that Jesus talked about, but too often we settle for comfort, security, and the easy road. We end up reacting instead of PRO-ACTING.  


You have to learn to lead YOURSELF before you can ever expect to grow your leadership capacity to lead an organization.  Let's get started today!


Grace & Peace,



" While I hold an appreciation for all my formal education, there was something different, more basic and fundamental, more 'life-connected', about the centering work God did in me through this training. 

-John Vanderstoep, church planter


" This training has been an answer to prayer. The tools are simple and reproducible and have brought much needed clarity for our staff team, which is giving us a common language to begin the process of transformation for our community. 

-Dee Dee Peck, pastor